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Concolor Fir

Also known as White Fir. Grows to 120 ft. Soft needles vary from silvery-blue to silvery-green, 2-3" long. Grows best in well drained soil. Will not do well in heavy, clay soil. Withstands heat and drought better than other firs. A good timber tree. As a Christmas tree, Concolor fir has good foliage color, a pleasing natural shape and and excellent needle retention. We aren't kidding when we mentioned aroma! This tree bears a wonderful citrus scent.

Douglas Fir

Short, soft blue-green needles. Grows best in moist, well drained, light soil, full sun. Will not do well in heavy, wet, clay soil. Largest timber producing tree in N. America. A popular Christmas tree because of its color, symmetrical form and needle retention. The Douglas Fir is a softer, more fragrant variety of tree. The branches are spreading and drooping. The needles are dark green or blue green in color and usually 1 to 1 ½ inches long. They have a sweet fragrance that is often used in holiday potpourri scents.

Grand Fir



Norway Spruce

Fast growth to 150 ft. Dense, dark green needles never get longer than 1". Thrives well in average soil conditions, but prefers moisture in the soil to maintain its deep green color. Highly valued ornamental and timber tree. One of the best conifers for shelters and windbreaks, as its branches grow densely into one another. For planting a windbreak, these trees should be planted 6 ft. apart. Branches droop gracefully as tree matures, making this a very attractive ornamental.


White Pine

Fast growing.. A five needled pine, with soft, light green-blue needles, 4 inches long . Full sun or partial shade, ordinary soil. Grows in normal moisture conditions Excellent ornamental tree for specimens, naturalizing, windbreak or dense screen. Can be easily restrained to manageable height by pruning. For screen shear when new growth appears,. It is easily controlled, and is good for small properties as well as field plantings. For Christmas trees needle retention is good to excellent. White pine has very little aroma, but, conversely, is reported to result in fewer allergic reactions than do some of the more aromatic species. The needles are very soft to the touch however and are unable to hold heavy ornaments.